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The fifth Molecular Approaches to Malaria Conference was held from 21st – 25th of February 2016 at Mantra Beach Resort in Lorne, Australia.

MAM2016 highlighted the latest molecular advances in our understanding of host cell invasion, virulence mechanisms, immunity and pathogenesis, drug resistance, drug and vaccine approaches, population biology, transmission and epidemiology. The meeting will focus on multiple Plasmodium species including Plasmodium vivax and its latent stage in the liver as well as host parasite interactions in both human and the mosquito vector. MAM2016 encouraged intellectual discussion that will assist in leading new ideas for research and interventions from diverse fields of biochemistry, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, vaccine development, molecular genetics, clinical research, systems biology and population based studies. The central goal of the meeting was to provide new insights into the science, technologies and novel tools required to combat malaria.

MAM2016 featured leading experts in the field while maintaining ample opportunities for young researchers and scientists from malaria endemic countries to showcase their research through selected talks and posters from submitted abstracts.

Diana Hansen, Alyssa Barry & Wai-Hong Tham (co-Chairs)

Please contact ASN Events or co-chairs (hansen@wehi.edu.au, barry@wehi.edu.au, tham@wehi.edu.au) for further information.


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