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Stupid News


No One Should Make Great Decisions On An Empty Stomach

While we don’t hear about it often, I can only imagine that the greatest leaders in history have, at some point, made other types of “Great Decisions” than the ones they are known for. It’s obvious that you shouldn’t wait too long to make a decision on lunch though–otherwise you might end up with today’s unfortunate situation.

Annoying News


Is It Really That Hard To Not Spit Things On The Floor?

Today’s comic comes from a circumstance we can all relate to: Stepping on some asshat’s gum that they stupidly spit on the floor. Really, was it so hard to find one of the 5 million garbage cans in the vicinity? Or was it so hard to hold onto the wrapper to put it back in until you could find a can? (and dammit, we all know you just threw that damn wrapper on the ground as well!!!!)

Some people literally don’t care about anything but their exact circumstances at that moment–and this kind of dumb crap makes we want to….well, we go into that in the comic.

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