Prof. Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena

Marcelo Jacobs-Lorena is a professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology and the Malaria Research Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in Baltimore, USA.

His research focuses on the life cycle of the malaria parasite in its obligate mosquito vector. His laboratory was the first to produce a genetically engineered mosquito that is refractory to the parasite. Presently we are exploring an alternative strategy by engineering bacteria that live in the mosquito gut to produce anti-malarial compounds. Other projects in the lab investigate mechanisms of parasite fertilization in the mosquito and mechanisms of sporozoite liver invasion.

Dr. Jacobs-Lorena has over 150 publications in peer reviewed journals, has chaired for 6 years the World Health Organization Committee on Molecular Entomology and is on the editorial board of three scientific journals. In 2009 he was elected fellow of the American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS).

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