Prof. Dennis Kyle

Dennis E. Kyle is a Distinguished University Health Professor in the Department of Global Health, College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. He completed a PhD at Clemson University and a postdoctoral position at the University of Georgia before he began a 21-year association with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. During this time he led key efforts with the US Army’s Drug Development Program, eventually serving as Deputy Director of the Division of Experimental Therapeutics.

Dr. Kyle’s research interests include the discovery and development of new antiparasitic drugs and elucidation of mechanisms of antimalarial drug resistance. Recently he has led multidisciplinary efforts to develop high-throughput platforms for discovery of anti-hypnozoite drugs and has characterized novel phenotypes of artemisinin-resistance in P. falciparum malaria that include altered cell cycle regulation of asexual erythrocytic stages.

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